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23 september 2014

ESHCC | Wetenschappelijke conferentie over Popmuziek in Rotterdam

“A Long way to the top, The production and reception of Music in a Globalized World”. International conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of IASPM Benelux.

Op 6 en 7 november 2014 organiseert de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam een internationale conferentie over (pop)muziek. De conferentie omvat maar liefst 4 keynotes, 2 panelsessies, en 6 parallelle sessies over een breed scala van onderwerpen zoals de muziekindustrie, carrières in de popmuziek, muziekfestivals, scènes, identiteit, etc..

Hieronder is de omschrijving te lezen in het Engels. Meer informatie over het programma en de praktische zaken rondom de conferentie zijn terug te vinden op de website van het ESHCC

Once upon a time, a famous rock ‘n’ roll group sang about what it means to play in a music band. In their lyrics they touch upon the role of the music industry (‘getting sold’), the difficulties of a musical career (‘under-paid’ and ‘getting grey’) and music consumption (‘if you wanna be a star’), while celebrating music for music’s sake. As such, this song addresses many issues in the production and reception of popular music in the contemporary globalized world. Yet, recent developments in the field of music have changed the ‘way to the top’, such as governmental policy on music, the rise of new media, and the growing number of music festivals. Focusing on a select number of interrelated themes, this conference aims to bring together scholars from various countries each with their own perspective to engage in an international exchange of ideas and current research insights about music production and reception.